Why Organic #SEO Should Be Your Key Digital Marketing Channel?

It is that time of year again when we reflect on digital marketing in 2016 and think what the priorities will be in 2017. Whilst most of the predictions might be far off the mark, the process itself is quite useful for strategic planning and prioritization of resources for the year ahead. Read more

The Secret to Selling More Online Is Simple…Become a Choice Architect

I don’t like having more options to choose from. There, I said it. The internet has multiplied the choice available to us and it is making life hard. I’m expected to pick the TV schedule (thanks to Netflix), program a radio show (Spotify) and do my own research on what I’m going to buy (Google). I want to highlight the problem with choice and how with a little knowledge we, as marketers, can make our customer’s lives better! Read more

Combining Crawl Data with Google Analytics: 3 SEO Advantages

When it comes to SEO, one of the most useful tools to get insights about your performance is Google Analytics. In fact, Google Analytics can deliver tons of data to monitor your SEO performance from user behavior to social media traffic, content engagement or any other on-site metric that influences your rankings. Combined with a SEO crawler, Google Analytics can strengthen your search efforts, open new opportunities and offer new data about your SEO performance. Read more

5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Digital PR Efforts

Digital PR can be a hard game; you think you’ve got a killer campaign idea, you’ve done your research into who the audience is and where they hang out online and you’re pretty certain it’s going to hit the spot — then you start pitching it to journalists and get zero pick up. Nada. And you end up resorting to drastic measures to get pick up… Read more

Digital Olympus Autumn 2016: 20+ Digital Marketing Slide Decks

On September 26th, we had yet another fabulous Digital Olympus conference. We brought together 21 speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise with you. Since it was more than 10 hours of non-stop live stream, we suspect that not everyone was able to be present in all the sessions. That’s why we’ve gathered the decks from our all-star speakers in this post. Keep reading to learn most valuable insights from the top influencers in digital marketing. Read more

How to Write a Press Release People Will Read

Press releases are still very much relevant today as they are still very effective in delivering interesting news to the intended target audience. Of course, the effectiveness of your press release will only depend on how well the press release was constructed. Here are some effective tips on how to make a press release that people will read for sure. Read more

Quality Assurance in Link Prospecting

Link building is a very difficult, manual, and time-consuming process. However, at its core link acquisition is very simple: find relevant websites and convince them to link to you. While there are a myriad of ways and techniques to secure links, link acquisition boils down to finding link opportunities and clearly and persuasively communicating the value of the link to the person running the linking site. Today I will focus on the «relevant websites» portion, during link prospecting. Specifically, I will cover quality assurance in link prospecting, making sure the sites you’re finding are the right sites, demonstrating how to vet sites to ensure you’re pursuing the best link possible. Read more

Deciphering Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to Define ‘Highest Quality’

In November 2015 Google released their 160-page Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, something that got the whole SEO community excited as we got a peek into an exclusive world. Read more

13 Best Social Media Strategies to Boost Website Traffic

The rise of social media has significantly changed the business landscape by opening hitherto unexplored avenues of boosting sales. Business goals of e-commerce stores are now only encompassing two things — more website traffic and converting that traffic into sales. These factors have made the marketplace somewhat discriminating by bringing benefits for those who’ve mastered the difficulties while rising above the competition of continual creation of innovative products/services with the help of tools like Shopify. If you want to belong to the league of the benefitted business owners, then this article is for you. Here, we’ve jotted down 13 best actionable social media marketing strategies that you can use to increase sales through your E-commerce website. Read more

10 Tips for Creating SEO Optimized Content – Interview with Jeff Coyle

Nowadays everyone knows that perfectly crafted content is able to miraculously bring your website to the top positions in the search engines. That is why SEO optimized content has become one of the pillars of digital marketing. Yet, great content comes not only from creativity, but from science. MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to identify topical gaps across your content and improve its performance in organic search. We asked Jeff Coyle who is behind the creation of MarketMuse to share with you simple rules for writing content that brings results. Read more