Tool Comparison: Choosing The Best Tool For Backlink Analysis – Part 1

Come join me while I’m on a hunt for a backlink analysis tool that will give you access to vast amounts of data as well as provide you with an advanced set of functionalities. On a side note, I’ve recorded a video that you can find by clicking the link below. This post compliments the video but it’s not a transcript. So keep reading if you’re really interested in the subject of this article because this piece also contains some additional information I’ve decided to share exclusively in it! Read more

Digital Olympus: Female Edition – Slides

Twenty women of Digital Marketing industry gathered to share their expertise and give professional advice during our «Digital Olympus: Female Edition». It was intense, by all means engaging, absolutely beautiful, surprisingly easy to understand, and left us wanting more! In case you got distracted, for whatever reason, below you can find everything our speakers talked about on the 6th of February. Read more

Digital Olympus Female Edition: Agenda is Live

On 6 February, Digital Olympus has gathered a historic speaker lineup. We’re proud and honoured to be the first event in the digital marketing niche to focus on an all-female edition. This is our way of showcasing, to the internet marketing community and the world, how many great women populate our field. Read more

Designing a Website for Lead Generation

Wait! Are you designing your company’s website? If so, make sure to remember how important lead generation is. Use these tips to build a beautiful website with the focus of building a larger consumer base for your business. Read more

How to Use Data to Deliver the Type of Content That Will Be Shared by Users

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to sift through content that you are bombarded with anywhere you look? You are not the only one — your customers have a hard time deciding what they should read, and it’s impossible for them to go over every piece they would like to. Recent statistics revealed by Buzzsumo show that The Washington Post alone publishes around 1200 posts each day! Can you even compete with that? Moreover, it is predicted that the rate at which new content is produced will keep growing. Read more

80+ Amazing Digital Marketing Tips & 20+ Slide Decks

On December 6th, Digital Olympus was happy to host the Winter Edition conference where 20+ amazing digital marketers shared their top tips and tricks. Since the livestream took more than 10 hours, probably not all of you were able to join us online. That is why we decided to make our Christmas present to all the Digital Olympians: in this post, you can find the links to all the slide decks and videos, as well as major insights from the speakers. Keep on reading! Read more

5 Rising Search Marketing Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2017

Search Marketing’s ever-changing and dynamic nature forces the webmasters and marketers to immerse themselves with every single new update. To grasp new search patterns, a user needs to adapt quickly. Many companies rely on search engines for business nowadays, and the fact that new algorithms and updates are unpredictable is scary especially for a company’s SERPs livelihood. Read more

Three Huge Reasons to Validate Online Sales Leads

Over an 18-month period, Straight North analyzed over 373,000 website conversions — 135,000 form submissions and 237,000 phone calls — received by our agency and a broad spectrum of clients with lead generation websites. Read more

5 AdWords Quick Wins to Improve Your Click Through Rate & Conversion

Increasing AdWords conversion is something that we all want to achieve: we’d be stupid not to really! Most agencies (and our clients included) have three main goals with AdWords Read more

Digital Olympus Conference: What Will You Learn at Winter Edition?

Digital Olympus team is very excited about the upcoming conference. Why do we think it is going to be great? It is all about our agenda! The time has come to look behind the curtain of the future Digital Olympus conference and to share the hot issues which are to be covered. Read more