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Interviewing Digital Marketing Folks at BrightonSEO

Alex landed to BrightonSEO to interview industry experts & reveal their secrets ⬇️

Duane Brown, Founder and Head of Strategy of Take Some Risk Inc

Duane runs his own performance marketing agency called Take Some Risk. Duane believes that of you’re a true entrepreneur, you must be stay flexible and be willing to take on new challenges. You’re not getting a full taste of life if you’re not taking a risk.

One thing Duane enjoys doing the most is travelling. His wanderluster checklist: 40 countries down, including the three where he stayed a while. The shortcut to Duane’s heart? Food… Duane is a real foodie. His company’s Instagram has tons of food photos from around the globe. Don’t believe us? Explore Duane’s Instagram here.

Natasha Woodford, Digital Marketing Recruitment For Brands

Natasha runs her own digital marketing recruitment agency clockworkTalent. They hire for digital marketing jobs for brands and agencies in the UK as well as overseas. Also, once Natasha was a guest-host at #DigitalOlympusChat on Twitter read a recap here to learn more about her job. 

Natasha spilled the beans. Did you know that PPC specialists are in higher demand in around Christmas?

At Natasha’s agency, there is a special team member— a Head of Dogital. Yes, this team member is a dog! He has his own Instagram and Twitter accounts with lots of followers. To know more about his responsibilities, watch the video! 

Rob Bucci, CEO at getSTAT.

During Brighton SEO, Rob’s talk covered feature snippets: the overall statistics, leading trends and content creation. Here’s his deck from BrightonSEO.

If you Google Rob’s name, you may find some bizarre photos of him. Rob’s team used to take pleasure in embarrassing him by making him wear funny costumes and later publishing these photos on social media. We all deal with embarrassing questions. So does Rob. In the video, he tells us the most confusing question he once had to answer.

Alex interviewed with Steve Rayson and talked with him about Buzzsumo's new features.

In his presentation, Steve talks about how they are working on Google Analytics integration, so that people can track their traffic and views conversion alongside social metrics. Isn’t that cool? Not so long ago, Buzzsumo added a new feature to their tool that tracks Reddit engagement data. According to Pew Research, 87% of users are under 35 years old and 63% are under 25. Thus, this platform has a relatively young audience profile. That’s why Steve recommends to spend some time choosing the main social network for your business to focus on while promoting a brand.

There are two cities that Steve calls his home. Whenever he visits those two places, he always feels welcome and he goes there very often for his beloved work. What are these cities? Watch the video to find out.

Laura Hogan, Director of Search at Ricemedia

At Brighton SEO, Laura’s presentation was focused on link building. Link building may seem like a very trivial activity, but today it is more about building relationships than spamming users with 50 links a day, which is what it was like a few years ago. Laura stressed that to be able to establish long-lasting connections, you need to be a people person and have confidence.

Besides that, Laura shared a hack of how to skyrocket her outreach campaign — by showing a picture of her two dogs to break the ice in the beginning of a conversation. Check out this video. 

To continue learning hacks from Laura Hogan hop in Twitter Chat recap on SEO competitive intelligence. 

If you visited BrightonSEO this spring and you’re working in digital marketing, feel free to share your funny & secret story in the comment section ????

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