Link Building Services Agency — We Build Quality Backlinks

Link Building Services Agency — We Build Quality Backlinks

We’re committed to building only those types of links that bring long-term SEO benefits. We make sure that all backlinks meet our client’s expectations and needs. We don’t send spammy outreach emails and build every link manually.

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Not all links are created equal. Some of the links are extremely powerful, while the rest of them are just meh. At Digital Olympus, we build only those links that meet the highest standards of quality. Thanks to our link building efforts, your backlink profile will consist solely of links coming from corporate blogs and leading industry sites.
To better understand our link building services, look at the 5-step process that allows us to secure the high-quality links that perfectly align with our client’s expectations.

Step 1

Link prospecting step—the most important metrics are relevance and proper domain authority

At this stage, we will prepare a list of relevant sites that have decent domain ratings by Ahrefs. When it comes to relevance, we select those sites that apply to our client’s niche. Additionally, such websites should represent only trustworthy brands with corporate blogs. We don’t build links on low-quality editorial sites that are widely used by link builders.

Step 2

Sending a list of previously chosen sites for the client’s approval

While many agencies follow generic requirements, our Digital Olympus team works on securing links a client approves. We communicate with our clients regarding the specific websites where they want to place their links. Doing so guarantees that the outcome of our link building campaigns meets our client’s expectations.

Step 3

Building links on client-approved sites

Once we have a list of approved sites we move to the actual stage of acquiring links back to our clients. Our team makes sure that each and every link placement is organically integrated into blog posts. On top of that, we never build links on pages that are not indexed or not properly connected with the rest of other site pages.

Step 4

Sending monthly link building reports

Before billing our clients, we send out a report containing the links for final approval. We appreciate the feedback and work hard to make our clients happy. Our goal is to go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Step 5

Link status tracking

We track all links that we built to make sure they don’t unexpectedly disappear or turn into nofollow. Should any of these things happen, we try to turn a link back or build a new one.

Michael Geneles

Co-founder of Pitchbox
Working with Digital Olympus is such a smooth process.
Alexandra and her team worked hard to make everything come together perfectly. It is what happens when you have a leader who can think strategically and creatively at the same time.
We always look forward to collaborating with Alexandra.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

We build quality links on corporate blogs only

We would never charge you for a link that doesn’t meet our quality standards. We would also make sure to integrate your link into a relevant post with properly sourced and original content.

Links are getting delivered quickly

We’ve already established relationships with more than 1000 sites across various industries. So, once you decide to partner with us, we’ll deliver you links within a week or so.

Zero reputational risks

Our approach is highly personalized and custom-tailored, which means we’re not going to send an email blast. We reach out to every site individually and do not disclose our client’s pages unless we’re confident that there’s a link building opportunity.

Our links increase their SEO value over time

Typically, the sites where we get our links demonstrate incremental growth between 15 to 30%. The reason behind this is pretty simple: those websites are actively investing in improving their SEO visibility as well as their links.

We track all links and remain to be dofollow

Link building is a challenging endeavor, and we take it very seriously because our clients trust us. That’s why we use specific tools and track all of our links daily to ensure they don’t get altered.

Kevin Indig

VP SEO and Content, G2
I really enjoy working with Digital Olympus because the communication is easy, the quality of work is high, and the results are great.

Case Studies

Case 1

100+ links to commercial pages and over 200% growth in organic traffic and leads

We built over 100 backlinks for commercial pages, which began generating more traffic and leads as pages we’ve been working with are sending a steady number of clients.

Case 2

30+ links resulted in doubling the organic traffic of a target page

We built more than 30 links back to a category page on the Edx site that boosted its organic traffic from 10k to 20k visitors monthly.

Case 3

50+ links promoted the client’s page to the top 3 results for the keyword «how to start a blog» (60k+ monthly searchers)

In less than 3 months, we’ve created over 100 links back to the client's page, improving its ranking to be within the top 3 results for the target keyword that sends more than 10k monthly visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is link building?

Link building is one of the SEO disciplines focused primarily on acquiring quality and relevant inbound links. While Google and some other search engines consider over 200 rankings factors, links remain the most significant ones.


What are the link building strategies you’re using?

We prefer a relationship-based link building approach that allows us to secure links within existing content and newly published pieces such as guest posts. We stay away from traditional email outreach services, which most blog editors nowadays consider junk mail.
Besides that, we offer custom link building and email outreach that go beyond our current scope of strategies. These strategies include but are not limited to custom-tailored email outreach campaigns, guest blogging, broken link building, and many others. However, if you wish to take advantage of these exclusive link building tactics, please be advised that it affects the price per link and the project’s overall timeline.


Are the links you’re building editorially placed?

We only build links that are organically incorporated in content and don't label them as sponsored ones. In fact, we’re very proud that we’ve never paid for a single link. It’s worth mentioning that editorially placed links should be labeled as sponsored according to the recent Google requirements. It stands to reason that such links bring little SEO value because they are marked as sponsored.


Does the pricing change based on the Domain Authority of the referring domains?

Our current pricing model is based on the domain authority level or domain rating. Here at Digital Olympus, we prefer to rely on the Ahrefs domain rating (DR) that determines how trustworthy a particular site is. The higher the domain authority is, the harder it is to get a link on this specific site, and as a result, the price per link goes up based on the amount of effort invested in receiving it.


What’s the number of links I can expect to get every month?

Your budget will determine the number of links that you’re getting. Typically, our clients are receiving from 7 to 20 links depending on their monthly retainer budget.


Will the referring domains be relevant to my website?

We only build links on sites that are pertinent to our client’s sites. We make sure that all referring domains remain within your website’s industry as well as some particular verticals to ensure that links will bring more SEO value.


Do you also handle content creation for the links you’re building?

Our current link building and SEO strategy doesn’t require any specific content to begin earning links. The only exception is creating a guest post. In this case, we work on producing the copy and you get to be the author.


Can I expect to get referral traffic from the backlinks you’re building?

You may be receiving some referral traffic, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to build high quality and relevant links that are placed organically within meaningful content. That said, in the majority of cases, our links don’t result in any referral traffic.


Do you diversify the anchor text?

When we select anchors, we’re following our client’s requirements shared prior to starting the project. If you don’t have any specific requirements, we prefer to follow those that are logical and universal.