Link Building Services Agency — We Build Quality Backlinks - Digital Olympus
Step 1
Delivering Backlink Profile Analysis
Your journey with Digital Olympus begins with the full, extensive analysis of the pages you want to boost via links and the level of competition in SERPs for the search terms you want to rank for. Besides, since we only build links on websites of legit brands, we can ask the client to optimize their target pages to make sure their quality is high.
Step 2
Drafting a Link Plan
Using the results of the performance analysis, we create a link plan. It shows how many links we need to build per each target page and which sites we will target in terms of domain ratings.
Step 3
Outlining Requirements
We discuss the link plan with you and set forth the requirements crucial for creating the right link building schedule. We also discuss whether the sites you’re interested in will be willing to link back to your pages.
Step 4
Creating Link Schedule
When our team and the client reach an agreement regarding the link building requirements, we create a schedule. Next, we give our client access to a report that is updated automatically to show which links have already been pitched and placed.
Step 5
Monitoring Link Performance
Our main focus is to make sure that our links continue working in favor of our client. That’s why we evaluate the effectiveness of links on a monthly basis to see whether we’re moving in the right direction. Besides that, we track all links to ensure that all of them remain the same (not removed or labeled as “nofollow”).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building?

Link building is a discipline within the realm of off-page SEO. It focuses primarily on the acquisition of relevant, high-quality links, which remain one of the top ranking factors on Google.

What Link Building Strategies Are You Using?

Relationship-based link building is the primary strategy we use at Digital Olympus. We place all links within the existing content on websites that represent legit brands. Thus, the value of all links we build for you will only grow over time.

If we don’t have websites from your niche to place a link on, we can also initiate a custom-tailored email outreach. This will help us ensure that we acquire links only on websites relevant to yours.

Are the Links You Build Editorially Placed?

We make sure that all links are organically incorporated into relevant content. We also do not label our links as sponsored, nor do we pay to buy them. According to Google’s guidelines, sponsored links bring little to no SEO value, which would deflect our main goal - to help you acquire links that help your website grow long-term.

Which Pricing Criteria Do You Follow?

The pricing depends on the type of pages you want to build links to, i.e., a landing, category, main, or content page. Another factor that impacts the price per link is whether you want to be involved in the process of choosing and approving sites for your project.

What Number of Links Per Month Can I Expect to Get?

The answer would depend on the backlink analysis report we prepare for our clients. This report helps us investigate the current state of your backlink profile as well as the competition in SERPs for the search terms you want to rank for.

The goal of this report is to ultimately come up with a link plan and a roadmap that will bring us to the desired results.

What Do You Require from a Website Before Building Links to It?

We always ask our clients if they have a content marketing strategy in place. If the content on your website is low-quality, links will hardly help improve your position in SERPs.

Also, after running our backlink analysis report, we can ask you to work on improving some of your target pages. This step is necessary to ensure that you get the most out of our cooperation.

Will the Referring Domains Be Relevant to My Site?

Yes, the main focus of our link building strategy is to help you acquire links on sites pertinent to yours. We will only choose referring domains coming from your own niche as well as related niches to make sure links bring long-term SEO value.

Do You Also Handle Content for the Links You Build?

We don’t have a dedicated content team at Digital Olympus. Our primary focus is to place links in the already existing content on a website relevant to your niche.

Do you diversify your anchor text?

We try to avoid creating exact-match anchors, which, due to our policy, should comprise no more than 10% of all links. Also, we choose branded anchors when working with home pages and casual anchor text when it comes to other page types.