24 Million Queries Were Analyzed To Discover How Well Social Media Pages Rank Organically

Social media is great for promoting your website because it helps you increase your site’s visibility and organic traffic. But what if you don’t have a website? Can you rank organically with a social media page? Keep reading and you will learn whether you can improve your SEO rankings by using social networks only.
We conducted research to find out how successful social pages are at ranking organically. How often do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, as well as other social websites, show up in organic search, and do they pose a threat to e-commerce websites' rankings? Read more

50+ Actionable Tips to Immediately Boost Your Revenue

Running your own business is one of the most exciting choices anyone can make. It’s not rocket science that starting your own company requires a lot of work, determination and patience. The entrepreneurial life may give you the chance to devote all your energy to your real dream, but this career path also requires a lot of tough decisions that will often cause you ask yourself if everything you’ve achieved thus far is really worth it.

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7 Useful Content Marketing Examples from E-Commerce Brands

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective medium to promote a business. Particularly, if you’re operating an eCommerce website because you’ll be operating purely online and your offline branding is less relevant — although your offline branding can also help with your SEO efforts. This means that customers will be visiting their site to buy products, goods or services.

If you can add content to your site that makes them more inclined to make a purchase, you can create a profitable marketing campaign. Below, I’ll outline some stores that take different approaches to content marketing. Each one highlights why understanding your audience is vital. Read more

3 Pricing Methods to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales and Profits

The Internet is full of articles about marketing strategies: online marketing, business plans, logistic strategies, product market positioning and etc. All of them are about planning prior to starting your business. Pricing should be given the same consideration, but the truth is not many people do it. Here you will see three pricing methods to help you to be more competitive. Read more

5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Google Remarketing Campaign 

Remarketing is a key component of any digital marketing campaign. There are many ways to approach remarketing. You can enhance and customize your website’s conversion rate with remarketing campaigns, which can quickly improve your website’s performance. In particular, Google AdWords has a range of useful features that you can implement in your remarketing campaign. Here are a few creative ways to improve your Google remarketing campaign. Let’s examine each of them. Read more

How to Craft the Perfect Outreach Email for Link Building

No matter what some people say, links are still the most important ranking factor for search engines today and link building is essential to any web property.
This is a post that’s going to help you create a better outreach. If you are interested in the long game, keep reading.
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When Content Marketing Is Not for the Faint of Heart: An Interview with Igor Go from Serpstat

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of content marketing advice in the industry from the importance of data-driven strategies and predictive analytics to truly measuring content marketing ROI. Yet, content marketing presents a different face in different business environments. Today’s market calls for ongoing innovation and for those digital marketers that can champion the necessary changes, there can be desired results.

With that said, we introduce you to Igor Go from Serpstat. Igor has observed and championed his share of content marketing obstacles and innovations and was very eager to bring his story to your attention. In this interview, Igor talks how Serpstat develops a content marketing strategy while being in a very competitive milieu and gives his tips on how to grow from a copywriter into a content creator. Read more

Unleashing the Power of Technical SEO

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a technical SEO ninja, look no further. This interview with Jono Alderson is filled with ideas and sacred tips for achieving technical mastery over SEO. Even though there are many things you can do without knowing much of the technology behind ranking systems, the opportunities are virtually limitless when you’re equipped with technical knowledge. Jono kindly agreed to reveal his professional tricks and to discuss skills every technical (as well as non-technical) SEO expert must nail. To complete your SEO training, the last requirement is to read this post. Read more

The Heart of SEO: An Invitation to Revisit Effective Ranking Factors with Andy Drinkwater

Dear Digital Olympians! We decided to run a series of blogposts to help you get to know our amazing speakers better. Today, we are happy to introduce you all to Andy Drinkwater. In this interview he explains the most important ranking factors, latest developments in SEO and also shares his ultimate link-building tips. Keep reading to learn more about SEO do’s and don’ts. Read more