Serge Bezborodov

Serge Bezborodov

CTO and co-founder - JetOctopus

Logs nerd. He doesn’t like limits.

Being a technical leader and developer of various high-volume websites including diverse aggregators for over a decade Serge faced his first true SEO challenge at job aggregator, his own company (10 websites with 5−7 mln. pages). They used to work with different SEO agencies but there was no feasible results. They had to dive deep into SEO and it led them to crawlers. The crawler which was capable to analyze their volume was just one. It was brilliant but super expensive.

And Serge has developed his own crawler with the fastest crawling speed, multiple datasets inside and log analyzer. Serge is found of data analysis. He has analysed over 14 BLN. log lines, and almost 1 billion of crawled pages. Serge likes to talk about interlinking for big websites, log analysis, data-driven approach to technical SEO.