Gianpaolo Lorusso

Gianpaolo Lorusso

Founder - ADworld Experience

Gianpaolo’s personal motto is: «Success is not easy money, but being proud of what you do». And he would also add that this is why he will probably never get rich (or not that rich as he would like)!
He contributes to several PPC industry specialized blogs and speaks regularly in international web marketing events.

In 2012 he created ADworld Experience, which is now the largest PPC-cases-only event in the world.

In 2016 he patented in USA the «PPC CheckMate» optimization methodology for Google & Bing Ads (available in the Amazon’s e-book «Agile Google Ads»).

He now actively works as Google Ads & Conversion Rate Optimization freelance professional for several important companies and Non Profit organizations.