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How to Use Data to Deliver the Type of Content That Will Be Shared by Users

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to sift through content that you are bombarded with anywhere you look? You are not the only one — your customers have a hard time deciding what they should read, and it’s impossible for them to go over every piece they would like to. Recent statistics revealed by Buzzsumo show that The Washington Post alone publishes around 1200 posts each day! Can you even compete with that? Moreover, it is predicted that the rate at which new content is produced will keep growing.

10 Tips for Creating SEO Optimized Content – Interview with Jeff Coyle

Nowadays everyone knows that perfectly crafted content is able to miraculously bring your website to the top positions in the search engines. That...

7 Useful Content Marketing Examples from E-Commerce Brands

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective medium to promote a business. Particularly, if you’re operating an eCommerce website because you’ll be operating purely online and...