Digital Olympus Autumn 2016: 20+ Digital Marketing Slide Decks

Digital Olympus Autumn 2016: 20+ Digital Marketing Slide Decks

On September 26th, we had yet another fabulous Digital Olympus conference. We brought together 21 speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise with you. Since it was more than 10 hours of non-stop live stream, we suspect that not everyone was able to be present in all the sessions. That’s why we’ve gathered the decks from our all-star speakers in this post. Keep reading to learn most valuable insights from the top influencers in digital marketing.

5 Efficient Ways to Use Search Analytics by Igor Gorbenko, SERPstat

1. Use Google Webmaster tool and SERpstat to get the list of long-tail keywords by which your site ranks in Google. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Analyze your competitors keywords in order to find the untapped search queries. twitter-icon-download-18

Beyond Link Building — Using PR to fuel your digital strategy by Aisha Kellaway,

1. Digital PR is anything that influences your online relationships and reputation through communication. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Start building your PR strategy by defining your business vision, mission and values. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Define your target audience as well as understand their values and needs. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Make sure that you’re sharing the right messages and building a strong community around your brand. twitter-icon-download-18

5. Use Mention and Brandwatch to track your brand mentions. twitter-icon-download-18

How to create mind-blowing stories for digital marketers by Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

1. With the help of the right content you stand out and get publicity. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Deliver effective content by running in-depth analysis of posts that have been proven to be viral and linkable. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Research your audience interests with the help of Twitter analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, SEMrush, and SimilarWeb. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Use Buzzsumo and Ahrefs to get the list of the most shareable and linkable content. twitter-icon-download-18

1. If you don’t rank well for the entire topic, you have no chance to rank for any individual keyword. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Use The Topic Explorer tool by SEOmonitor to make a shift from keywords to topics. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Combine social ads and outreach to ensure your content success. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Paid channels will bring you impressions and clicks, but only organic channels are able to bring you links. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Most content is average, but the rewards go to the excellent. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Cover all the sensible suggestions from twitter-icon-download-18

3. Check out the most socially popular pages and look for the tropes. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Play around with Kelvin’s Google Doc «The Trope Factory» — twitter-icon-download-18

1. Make sure that the e-commerce platform you choose fits perfectly your business needs. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Deliver proper keyword research and site audit with the help of SEMrush and Serpstat. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Pay attention to on-site SEO factors like title, H1, product descriptions, duplicate pages, and etc. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Ideally, you should spend 20% of your time on content creation and the rest 80% on its promotion. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Including the right influencers in your content will help you effectively promote your content. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Promoting content with influencer outreach starts with providing them value. After that you can ask for a help. twitter-icon-download-18

4. If you want more people to share your content, create custom images to support any data you reference. twitter-icon-download-18

1. To deliver a newsjacking campaign you need 1 one of those 3:

- An opinion

- Data

- Creativity twitter-icon-download-18

2. The importance of mobile devices: 96% of people turn to a smartphone to get things done. twitter-icon-download-18

3. One third of users search queries go unanswered — take advantage of that! twitter-icon-download-18

4. Speed up your site with JavaScript redirects, JS taking 3−4 seconds to render. twitter-icon-download-18

Surviving the machine revolution: how to become the digital marketer of the future by Jono Alderson, Linkdex

1. If you’re just chasing conversions, rather than consumers, expect to start losing market share. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Fewer customers searching and exploring at research phase of funnel — already have relationships with brands who understand their needs. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Marketing creates demand, Advertising fulfills it, Branding works on retention. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Evolution of automated warehouse systems lowers barrier-to-entry for small/individual retailers. twitter-icon-download-18

Biddable media as a part of your marketing mix by Saija Mahon, Mahon Digital

1. Available biddable platforms involve Google and Bing search networks as well as Social Media networks. twitter-icon-download-18

2. In April 2015 Google accounted of 88,4% of all searchers in the UK. twitter-icon-download-18

3. In February 2015 Facebook announces that it had reached 2 million of active advertisers. twitter-icon-download-18

4. On average, people check their phone 150 times per day. twitter-icon-download-18

1. It’s a myth that duplicate content can cause Google penalty. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Google can rank higher the wrong page, if it has content similar to the page you want to rank. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Use, Botify, Deepcrawl, URL Profiler to identify similar pages. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Utilize breadcrumbs to emphasise the importance of particular pages. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Start your website migration with gathering data that will help you understand pre-migration site performance. twitter-icon-download-18

2. To build the site performance dashboard, use GWT, SEMrush, Advanced Web Ranking, Google Analytics. twitter-icon-download-18

3. One of the most important things in website migration is to gather the list of all site’s URLs. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Combine Ahrefs, GWT, Google Analytics, URL Profiler and DeepCrawl data to put together site’s URLs. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Basic editor necessities involve knowledge of CMS and HTML/PHP for text-based editing, formatting, and SEO. twitter-icon-download-18

2. It’s worth it to have a good blog design and logo. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Blog on your own for 6+ months before expecting guest contributors. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Shape your Editorial Guidelines to keep everyone on the same page. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Social Media studies have proven again and again that posting time matters. twitter-icon-download-18

2. Let your post take a new shape, so that the same info can be shared without it feeling so tired. twitter-icon-download-18

3. You can repurpose your content by turning it into a whitepaper, video, infographic, newsletter or slideShare. twitter-icon-download-18

4. Syndication allows you to win an audience of other sites by simply sharing already existing posts. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Google has transitioned from keywords to topics. twitter-icon-download-18

2. To ensure your content success, identify all user types within target topics. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Build your content plan based on in-depth analysis of related topics. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Start the process of finding a copywriter by defining your content goals and needs. twitter-icon-download-18

2. 43% of freelance writers look for new writing jobs every day of the week. twitter-icon-download-18

3. Give your freelance writers guidelines, introduce them to your company’s values and create a flexible writing process for growth. twitter-icon-download-18

1. Successful SEO campaign requires keyword research, site auditing, content creation and promotion. twitter-icon-download-18

2. With the help of the right tools, you can automate routine SEO processes and improve your site performance dramatically. twitter-icon-download-18

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