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Matt Janaway is the CEO of Marketing Labs and a successful entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing, based in Nottingham, UK. He started his career journey during the mid-2000’s internet retailing boom by developing 10+ eCommerce stores which enjoyed great success using a successful and evolving SEO formula. In 2011 these eCommerce businesses were sold and after a little break from working and alongside running his digital marketing agency, he moved into a new Head of Digital role for a leading UK retailer, managing a team of digital marketers and content writers. In 2016 he left the Head of Digital role to concentrate on his digital marketing agency full time

7 Useful Content Marketing Examples from E-Commerce Brands

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective medium to promote a business. Particularly, if you’re operating an eCommerce website because you’ll be operating purely online and your offline branding is less relevant — although your offline branding can also help with your SEO efforts. This means that customers will be visiting their site to buy products, goods or services. If you can add content to your site that makes