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Hiren is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Blogger for Digital Marketing Room. He helps creative digital strategists produce innovative and unique data-driven campaigns. He is also a contributor of Search Engine Journal and Mention. He loves the startup life. When he is not learning everything he can about digital marketing, you can find him at the gym working out.

5 Rising Search Marketing Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2017

Search Marketing’s ever-changing and dynamic nature forces the webmasters and marketers to immerse themselves with every single new update. To grasp new search patterns, a user needs to adapt quickly. Many companies rely on search engines for business nowadays, and the fact that new algorithms and updates are unpredictable is scary especially for a company’s SERPs livelihood.

5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Google Remarketing Campaign 

Remarketing is a key component of any digital marketing campaign. There are many ways to approach remarketing. You can enhance and customize your...