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Alexandra Tachalova / Digital Olympus

What happens when everybody's website is fixed?

Jono Alderson / Special Ops - Yoast

For many of us, a big part of our job is essentially to fix or improve things. We seek out marginal, incremental gains to make our platforms, brands and performance ‘good enough’, or at least, ‘less bad than our competitors’. What happens when all of this is no longer necessary? When everybody’s website, app or software is perfect? Google’s involvement with projects like AMP, Schema, and WordPress is changing the web. For better or worse, they’re standardising our ecosystem – and their momentum may now be unstoppable. Few of our brands are equipped to compete – or even to survive – in this new world. We need a radically different way of thinking, and for many, it may already be too late.

Using Digital PR For Successful Link Building

Hana Bednarova / Founder - Bednar Comms

Link building can be hard and we need to be creative when it comes to earning high-quality links. Hana will talk about Digital PR tactics that she uses every day to land big links. From creating large content to budget-friendly tactics. Hana will share the latest trends as well as tips and tactics she loves the most.

Doing Content Marketing and SEO within the SEO space is a tough job. You’re competing with the best and brightest, and you’re competing with companies that easily spend millions of dollars a year on digital marketing. While it sounds impossible to enter that saturated and highly competitive market, we’ve done so — quite successfully. In this talk, Steven will share their approach and everything they learned along the way.

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The Era of the User: Search and Acquisition in 2020

Fernando Angulo / Head of International Partnerships - SEMrush

An almost ideal site structure for e-commerce

Serge Bezborodov / CTO and co-founder - JetOctopus

Developing site structure for e-commerce website is not a trivial task at all. As it is almost impossible to think over all the needed structure peculiarities at the very first start. As a result after a year chaos starts in trash pages generation, mess in interlinking and many other problems which hurt your SEO. We will talk about How to build a very flexible e-commerce site structure which will fit all users and SEO needs.


Leonardo Saroni / Booking

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Common International SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

Aleyda Solis / Founder - Orainti

In business and in SEO, you can either hate your competitors or learn from them. My question is: why should we try to reinvent the wheel when we can figure out what works for them and use it to our advantage? In the on-page SEO world, your competitors data are your best winning strategy.
So how to boost your chances to rank on the first page with strategical keyword research, competition analysis, and reverse engineering? How to turn your competitor’s loses and wins into spotless on-page optimisation? Let’s find out! This method increased organic traffic by 300% to one of our customers—now it’s your turn.

Building up Powerful Entities and Connections

Izzi Smith / Technical SEO Analyst - Ryte

The SERP is becoming a living, dynamic space home to vast collections of entities, their attributes, and relationships. In order to survive this increasingly inhospitable space, Izzi’s talk will dig into how we can build more connected entities to be featured across multiple formats, how and why we can leverage Structured Data to our benefit, assessing the risks of doing so and what this all means for the greater ecosystem of the web.

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Creating a Killer SEO Strategy (white hat)

Judith Lewis / Founder - deCabbit Consultancy

I used to spend days mapping out strategies at an agency to pitch to clients until I designed a templated approach which is completely bespoke for each client and yet takes only around 4-8h to complete while looking like you spent days on it. Whether in-house and needing to pitch to the boss or at an agency and needing to pitch a client, I’ll demonstrate the techniques I use to win lots of clients successfully and create a roadmap for SEO work for the future. It’s a tried and tested successful methodology. I’ll also share outreach tips, tricks, and how I spot opportunities others miss. This session will include actionable information that you will be able to use right away to plan SEO strategies going forward quickly and efficiently.

SEO tactics to implement tonight

Lukasz Zelezny / Independent SEO Consultant

  • Calculating traffic potential using tools such as SEMrush is a great way to get SEO buy-in
  • Targeting keywords that already rank is the “low hanging fruit” to get quicker traffic gains
  • You can link build by tracking brand mentions to get easy links
  • Answer boxes can be a great tactic when you’re dealing with an established website or industry leader
  • WordPress offers lots of great SEO plugins that can save time and leapfrog you in SERPs
  • Easy moves such as cloud hosting can vastly improve website performance
Case Study Session

David White / Director of Content Marketing -

This campaign will detail and unravel the secrets behind successful link building campaigns.

Using real-life examples and experience this talk will show you how David took a leading financial brand and made them industry leaders via reactive, proactive and planned campaigns.

Challenging industries are no longer difficult to build links for as this talk will explain. The talk will also detail how to create campaigns that build links continually rather than just the first few weeks.

A story of a link building campaign that impressed tens of SEO specialists all around the world.

  • How can one SEO impress tens of other SEOs?
  • Content is the king, or is it?
  • Research – the beginning of success
  • Personalize more than ever
  • Always provide added value
Case Study Session: How to Build Contextual Links That Work to eCommerce Websites

Venchito Tampon Jr. / Marketing Director & Co-Founder - SharpRocket

A Case Study on Growing Organic Traffic to an Online Music Store

Content and links are the top 2 search ranking factors of Google. Learn actionable strategies and tips from link prospecting to manual outreach to build links to an eCommerce store.