Taylor Benterud

Founder & CEO of Better AMS. - Founder & CEO of Better AMS.

Taylor Benterud is the Founder & CEO of Better AMS. Using Amazing Marketing Services his agency has generated over $ 8,000,000 in sales for countless 7−8 figure businesses on amazon. His journey in Digital Marketing started at 16 years old when he first got into Facebook advertising. It wasn’t until 2015 at 18 years old when he started Painless PPC, an agency dedicated to managing Sponsored Ads (PPC) for sellers on Amazon. But early 2016 is when he discovered Amazon Marketing Services, and after 30 days of using AMS he generated an extra $ 27,427 dollars sales, spending only $ 4,321 on Ads… (635% ROI) Since then his agency now called Better AMS, has generated over $ 8,000,000 dollars in sales for their clients just by using Headline Ads and Product Display Ads. Better AMS has also developed the first ever reporting software for AMS so sellers can have better analytics on for their AMS account! Currently it’s only used «In-house» but is being released to all sellers May 2017When Taylor isn’t running the agency he enjoys surfing trips to Hawaii, speaking at events, jumping on podcasts, doing webinars, and enjoying the weather in Panama City!

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