Selena Vidya

President - Orthris Media

Selena’s consultancy, Orthris Media, is a strategic digital marketing consultancy with clients ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to bootstrapped startups. As an experienced strategist, her specialty lies in leveraging data for SEO strategies that produce results and lay the groundwork for long-term organic success. Her background of starting from the bottom to eventually running strategy teams for international agencies, such a BlueGlass, has given her on the ground experience with the technical nitty gritty, content creation, and the ability to work cohesively with teams of all disciplines. With one foot in the film industry, she previously co-founded a content creation and production company in LA, where the collective team focused on producing small-scale projects by workshopping and creating content weekly for a test audience test on a micro scale. In her spare time, she’s extremely passionate about drinking coffee (ALL THE COFFEE), stalking crypto, and creating content for her communities.

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