Iliyana Stareva

Principal I Channel Consultant - HubSpot

After spending three years at multiple PR agencies across Germany and the UK, taking care of some of the largest FMCG brands in the world, Iliyana has now been a Principal I Channel Consultant at HubSpot for over a year and a half and helps HubSpotÕs partner agencies grow their businesses. Making use of her PR background and her new inbound marketing focus, Iliyana developed a new concept that she calls Inbound PR. It combines the best of two worlds — traditional PR and inbound marketing — and helps brands to not only be relevant in the digital world but to create stories in an inbound way, ensuring that the media and other influencers reach out to them, rather than brands having to chase them. Inbound PR is the concept that Iliyana lives and breathes, teaches and preaches and writes her third book on to help PR professionals define a new future for their industry.

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