Chris Kneeland

CEO - Cult Collective

Chris Kneeland is Cult Collective’s Head Strategist and CEO. His overriding professional passion involves helping brands reimagine new ways of engaging consumers. In particular, heÕs committed to helping clients redeploy mass-media dollars into customer engagement activities that actually matter. Chris has held marketing roles at John Deere and The Home Depot. He was also Head of Retail Marketing at RAPP in Dallas TX. In his current role at Cult, he has consulted extensively for brands like Harley Davidson, Canadian Tire, Zappos, Regis Salon Group, and Michael’s Arts & Crafts. Throughout his career he has lobbied for advocacy over awareness, and customer engagement over brand entertainment. Chris' expertise at multi-channel marketing solutions, particularly in regards to customer relationship management, culture building, inbound marketing and loyalty marketing, helps clients not only get customers to buy, but to buy in. Indeed, this is his ultimate goal. As he is fond of saying ÒAny business can get customers. Great brands have cult followers.Ó

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