Brian Fanzo

Change Evangelist and Founder - Backlamp LLC

Limitations Inspire Creativity! Change is exciting, Change sucks, Change is rapid, Change is scary, Change is constant! To embrace this rapid pace of change, we must embrace a mindset that allows change and create strategies that redefines what success looks like. Snapchat content disappears after itÕs viewed. Periscope broadcasts can only can be viewed for 24 hours. Facebook Live is live unpredictable videoÉ. Digital dinosaurs look at these as limitations while digital natives and those with a Millennial Mindset believe these challenges create amazing possibilities. ItÕs time for business leaders, marketing managers and content creators to shift their mindset, embrace change and leverage these limitations to create new strategies and goals that redefine what success looks like — to the benefit of their communities. Brian Fanzo is a proud dad of 3 girls, a diehard Pittsburgh Sports fan and a live social video ambassador which explains why his title at Backlamp LLC is Founder and Change Evangelist. Brian worked in cyber security for the DOD for 9 years whereafter he became the Technology Evangelist at a cloud computing startup focused on driving collaboration, community and change. Brian is an experienced millennial thatÕs also traveled to 54 countries, speaking in 7 different counties in 2016 alone and is looked at as one of the leading futurists and early adopters of new technologies. Brian was recently awarded the Top 25 Social Business leaders of the future by the Economist and was nominated for a shorty award as the Periscoper of the Year. Brian has created & executed social video strategies with brands of all sizes including IBM, SAP, Applebees, and NFL Superbowl. Brian also hosts a weekly live video show called Cloudtalk and a weekly podcast called SMACtalk (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud). How does Brian do all this? Brian believes itÕs because he has a mindset for change. He believes in the power of collaboration. Thanks to his philosophy of WE is greater than ME, Brian has grown one of the most engaged, cross platform, communities — online and offline — making him one of the most influential social business thought leaders of today.

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