Amina Moreau

Executive Creative Director - Stillmotion

When you meet her, without her even uttering a word, you know she is someone you need to have a conversation with. It’s in her eyes, emanates from her being. Intensity. Curiosity. Drive. She cuts to the chase and has the ability to break down any situation into its easily movable parts. That’s Amina Moreau. She’s an accomplished psychologist/athlete/artist that uses a science-based understanding of what connects people most strongly to things they should know or feel or change, to touch hearts and move minds, change behavior and in turn, change things for the better. She is co-founder of the Emmy award-winning Stillmotion, a group of creatives who have brought to life stories that have positively affected countless people’s lives. Her other passion, Muse, is an educational system that dedicates itself to anyone who wants to use the power of story to reach people and change perception. What Amina cares about most of all, is making a difference. She’s driven by having meaning in her life, and contributing to the good in the world — storytelling is her vehicle for doing just that. We like to think Amina makes the world a better place, by effectively telling important stories that need to be told, and teaching others how to tell their stories, stories that add to the greater good of our planet. And there is always room for more good. Her brilliant, funny, tenacious way of sharing the power of storytelling with her audiences is infectious, entertaining, and above all inspiring. And because of that, we think she’s one of the most interesting people you could ever wish to have a conversation with.

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