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Julia Peleneva is the Community Manager at Digital Olympus. Passionate about data-driven Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and UX.

Digital Marketing Skills that are currently in High Demand

We’re discussing Digital Marketing Skills that are currently in High Demand with Natasha Woodford from clockworkTalent while #DigitalOlympusChat. Natasha has an exemplary nearly 20-year track record of recruitment ad building long lasting relationships with both employers and job seekers. Now she is managing a recruitment service clockworkTalent which brings stars to the digital marketing arena.

Your Digital Marketing Kit – Reviewing Spring Edition

Our Digital Marketing Kit is jam-packed with knowledge of 15 gorgeous digital marketing experts. They gathered together online during Digital Olympus...

Facebook Video Ads – Best Practices from #DigitalOlympusChat

On February 14th, we fell in love with Ads! We’ve discussed Facebook Video Ads Best Practices at #DigitalOlympusChat with Akvile DeFazio, President...

SEO Competitive Intelligence

Discussing SEO Competitive Intelligence at #DigitalOlympusChat

Analyzing your competitors can become extremely excruciating. And when you’re faced with choosing the right SEO competitive intelligence for...