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2018 is a big shift in the way that Google fundamentally looks at how it will Index pages with a shift to a Mobile lead index. Now is the time to take action and address the Mobile-first Indexing correctly. We will look different set ups to optimise from the optimum mobile configuration based against your site set up and what we know from Google up to now, how to properly handle AMP pages in the new Mobile Index and also what is next in the future.

Link building has changed a lot since the days of article syndication, social bookmarking and web directories. In a modern world of RankBrain, AI, Machine Learning, Voice search and more, what does link building look like? Paddy will share his view on this and where he thinks link building is going in the future.

Jono has spent years exploring the future of digital, building a vision of what the landscape might look like, and mapping out what we need to do to prepare. However… under his calm, quiet demeanour, he’s getting increasingly nervous about where it’s all going, and what it means to us as individuals. In this talk, he shares his hopes, fears, and ideas for how to survive in the dystopia of tomorrow…

Theory: Walk through how the world’s smartest companies use customer insights as their sustainable competitive advantage
Actionable: Walk through 5 customer insight techniques to create better content and stickier brands

The funnel does not end at the initial conversion. The only way to truly scale your business is to ensure your customers keep coming back. Join Talia to learn:
1. What makes customers keep coming back (the emotional triggers that increase conversions)
2. The 3 key factors for a successful retention program
3. 7 advanced ways Talia increases retention 10x for her clients

There is a Cinderella in the landscape of eCommerce growth. It’s called Retention Rate Optimization, is not that flashy, but it’s one of the most important causes that generate long-term growth. Join Valentin’s session to discover a working retention rate optimization framework any why is this crucial metric going to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Keyword research has come a long way in a short space of time. From 10 target keywords to 30 page keyword strategy documents, how we go about keyword research for organic success has changed drastically. In this session, Stacey shares practical tips and advice for carrying out keyword research for organic search in today’s landscape.

Anyone working in any form of business that has an online presence is likely to be familiar with the term SEO. And if you are carefully building an online presence in one language, expanding your client base internationally naturally becomes the next step. This is where Translation for multilingual SEO comes into action.

Slightly off the beaten path granular findings are often only discovered as anomalies whilst rooting around in the forensic technical SEO trenches. Sometimes they’re discovered by accident and form ‘aha’ moments. Fixing and acting upon these can move the needle in ways you’d not imagined. I’ll look at some of the findings I’ve come across whilst taming an SEO beast recently so you’ll have additional options for your SEO tactics.

180 slides in 18 minutes about how to effectively use Google Search Console. Common patterns and hands-on tips on how to make the most of GSC data.

Kelvin Newman

Live discussion

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Search Console is just for Technical SEO, there’s a host of features that’ll shape your day to day strategy: from keyword research to content and backlinks.

Learn prospecting methods and engagement frameworks for reaching your audience of practitioners at the publications they already know and trust.

More often than not, there’s hesitation among businesses when developing/implementing video assets comes up in discussion. While the initial hesitation to explore this medium is understandable, it’s usually due to the belief that one needs to hire a videographer or purchase high-end equipment to produce acceptable content. The fortunate reality is that there are a number of simple methods and low to no cost tools brands can use to easily create and utilize quality videos in their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Learn how to stand out among the stillness and set your business in motion as Akvile shares tactics on how to easily and affordably create and use video content with Facebook Ads to increase engagement, leads, visibility, and sales.

It does not matter how many campaigns you did and which network you are using. This methodology will guide you to a professional evaluation of the optimization level of your account in minutes.

Are you wondering how to get a “leg up” on your competition but not 100% sure how to do it? Well then you need to attend my webinar during which I will show you how we get our clients to the top of Google using our proven content marketing techniques! Bring your pen and paper (or use Evernote) as I will be sharing all of our secret strategies in less than 30 minutes!

This presentation will explore case studies of thriving digital brands, and examine the strategies behind their success, with a focus on how they used market intelligence data to make better decisions.

Specific topics will include best practices for more effectively “dancing with the giants” (category dominators such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Expedia), how to uncover your competitors’ strategies, how to connect with Millennials more effectively, and what the new wave of digital success stories tell us about technology and consumers more generally.