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When you have it setup, GA Events can really supercharge your understanding of what your customers are doing, because whilst it’s great to understand what pages people are looking at on your website, you really want to know what people are doing on your website, and for that you need to set up Event Tracking.

These additional insights do not come pre built in, you have to create the Events and you need to understand how to brief them properly so you can understand the data when it appears in your report.

  • In this talk I will share my stories and a case study of a company that had no event tracking, what they did with it, and how it improved the bottom line.
  • You will learn how to identify what Events you should be tracking on your website or app.
  • How to correctly label them so they make sense in your reports and help brief your developers to create them.
  • How to use Events to build goals
  • How to build segments and retargeting lists with Event Tracking and goals.

Who would you consider more a higher converting remarketing audience? Someone who visits a page or someone who started to fill out a form and didn’t complete it? I’d go with the second option every time. With Google Tag Manager we can record a vast number of user interactions which we can use as remarketing audiences. This presentation will show you what you can record with Google Tag Manager, how to create the audiences, and what strategies you can use to increase remarketing engagement and conversions.

Structural changes in how we interface with technology happen once a generation – max. So when something as game-changing as voice comes along it pays to be ready! In this presentation we will walk through how voice is currently working and how marketers can reverse engineer the process to own the opportunity.

In this session Aleyda will share the SEO steps, criteria, data sources and tools for planning and validating the most common different types of Web migrations to not only avoid losing your organic search traffic, but to make the most out of the structural changes to improve your results.

Instagram is a killer digital marketing tool that still works beautifully with zero ad spend. Join Andrea’s talk to learn the main strategy and actionable tactics to turn your profile into a business machine.

Murat Yatagan will be talking about clear-cut identification methods for following up on all leads concerning the impact of Google’s quality algorithm updates on websites. With these methods, you will not only be able to understand whether your site has been impacted by Google’s Panda and/or Penguin algorithms, but will be able to get to the root of the issue. That means you will learn what to look into to discover potential quality issues on your site. These methods do not require any paid SEO tools and they are considerably more time efficient.

When it comes to International SEO, we usually see the same old things told: domain or subdomain or subfolder? Generic domain or Country Code Domain Names? How to implement the hreflang?

In my talk I will present a different point of view to International SEO based on 3 different case histories, which represent well how reality is not always what “best practices” pretend us to do, and that’s for a simple reason: the needs of the client’s international business strategy (and idiosyncrasies). For instance, how to target all the world but being restrained by how the warehouses are located? Or, how to design the right Intl SEO strategy for a website that needs to fight dumping? Or, finally, how to optimize a website that on almost every page obligatorily targets 2 languages?


Would You like to learn what is an GAP analysis and how investigating competitors can deliver lots of valuable data for Your business? Do you want to learn an what is an ATOM optimization method.
Are You hungry of something new, that wasn’t yet described online?

I will show how to share Your content like a pro utilizing some unique tools.
How to make social media working for Your SEO, and how to amplify number of visitors.

Mobile visitors offer an incredible business opportunity. They now represent a majority of the web traffic. However, there is a problem: converting smartphone visitors into leads proves continuously difficult because of UX and SEO challenges.

We’ll dicuss how you can overcome these challenges using mobile-specific strategies such as bars, mobile-optimized popups and adapted forms.

We all have great ideas that we would like to turn into amazing content and successful campaigns, making sure it receives the coverage and links we’re after. However, sometimes our ideas can grow into content pieces that we may struggle to place in the press. Hana will share some tips and tactics to ensure we keep our idea newsworthy and make our content go viral.

2017 was packed with Google updates and ranking fluctuations – what do these changes mean in relation to site quality? In this session, JJ will be going through why it’s important to carry out regular quality checks on your website and why link building is still important and how it feeds into Google’s search quality guidelines.

Marketing is all about connecting to the right people in the right places. Facebook (and nearly all social) advertising exclusively connects us to different audience solutions, rather than semantics, and Facebook’s 40% growth in ad revenue in the past year is a strong indicator that it’s effective and resonating. The search engines know this trend too well and are now releasing their own audience solutions. . As Google, Bing, and Facebook introduce more and more opportunities to identify and target unique audiences, they threaten to revolutionize our campaigns and offer new best practices for optimizing our ads.

In this session, I will:

  • Show how to use data within your own accounts or Google Analytics to identify how different demographics interact & convert with your ads and website.
  • Prove the effectiveness of Google’s newest ad targeting improvements.
  • Demonstrate how to improve the targeting of their AdWords campaigns outside of the simple demographic options provided by Google and Bing.

How to generate leads with LinkedIn and grow your business. The audience will learn our strategy and how to implement this strategy to the team.

Growing your team increases your capabilities and your capacity, but can strain your culture. How can marketers develop their digital teams to maximize their impact without sacrificing the spirit of the team? This discussion will focus on a strategically actionable framework for classifying the maturity of a digital team and tips for building the team with the big picture in mind.

Email marketing automation has the potential to drive additional revenue, reclaim carts or drive more visitors to your website, but so many businesses are getting it all wrong. In my experience, there are four primary areas most businesses can improve their email process and see results right away. They just don’t know where to look.

After the launch of my book (The Business Side of SEO), I have received hundreds of questions from digital marketing freelancers and agency owners, asking for my help and advice on their own lead development and sales process. I will be sharing with you all the mistakes agencies make when growing and providing actionable advice based on common sense and logical thinking. After my thirty-minute presentation, you will be armed with a different mindset to help you grow within the digital industry.

Consumers today expect relevance, especially when it comes to email marketing. Using data-driven product recommendations can be an effective tool to help foster a more personal email experience. But you have to do it right! Join Greg Zakowicz as he walks you through product recommendation strategies as well as some often-overlooked pitfalls that can undermine your personalization efforts.